Antirun 2.7

  • on May 14, 2022

Many of the viruses that affect PCs nowadays are spread by means of the external memory units that we commonly use. It’s necessary to maximize the security measures that we take to avoid being infected, task for which we can use Antirun.

Antirun is a Flash storage unit manager capable of protecting these USB devices and our PC against the viruses that are spread via this system. Antirun allows you to manage all the units connected and detect if there is any threat for our computer on any of them, and if so you will be able to eliminate the threat with a simple click of the mouse.


  • Automatically scans any USB pendrive connected to the PC.
  • Detects the existing threats on the devices and easily eliminates them.
  • Automatically adjusts the system depending on the security standards.
  • Interface divided into tabs.
  • Disconnect devices from the application or from its icon in the system tray.
  • Obtain information about the space used on each device.
  • Hardly uses any resources and doesn’t cause any incompatibilities with the security software installed on the computer.

Protect your PC and the external devices from the viruses that spread by means of portable drives.

Your protection has never been so simple

Antirun takes up a space on your desktop as a simple tool. Stored in the system tray, you can open its main window and configuration options from it. From the main window you’ll have access to the contents of the USB drives or their properties thanks to the Windows explorer. Among its configuration options you’ll find the possibility to launch the application with the system, to show dialog boxes, to deactivate the device’s autorun or to keep track of updates.

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