AVG TuneUp review

  • on January 19, 2023

AVG TuneUp  is a device management software suite developed by AVG Technologies, based in the Czech Republic. The company is best known for its antivirus products but produces many other software types. It is a subsidiary of Avast Software.

AVG TuneUp has many distinct features to help optimize your PC for maximum performance. Some of which are a software uninstaller, a browser and hard disk cleaner and a driver updater. 

We’ll review the entire software package based on specific criteria, including pricing, features, customer support, compatibility, and ease of use.

Plans and pricing

Usually, AVG TuneUp costs $60 for an annual subscription for one PC or $70 for a yearly subscription for 10 PCs. However, the company runs heavy discounts. At the time of writing though, you can get an annual subscription for one PC for $30 and 10 PCs for $35 but keep in mind that this is for the first year only. There’s also a free version available but with minimal features.

The pricing structure for this software is high. AVG is a premium software brand, so it can afford to charge such a high price and not lose customers, unlike many competitors.


AVG TuneUp includes a wide range of features and tools to help ensure your PC is running at optimal performance. These include:

Software Uninstaller

This tool lets you uninstall any software from your PC with no stress. You can also uninstall multiple software with one click rather than individually.

Registry Cleaner

This feature is primarily for Windows users. It checks your Windows Registry for unnecessary entries and removes them. Removing unwanted registry entries can reduce the frequency of errors and crashes and generally speed up your computer.

Disk Cleaner

AVG TuneUp has a tool to check for unnecessary files on your hard disk and eliminate them. Deleting junk files frees up disk space that your PC will utilize somewhere else and operate faster as a result.

Browser Cleaner

Just as with the disk cleaner, this tool lets you quickly clear your browsing data for performance and privacy purposes. It’s compatible with the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. 

PC Scan

AVG TuneUp can scan your computer and detect any maintenance issues troubling it. This way, you know just what to fix to ensure maximum speed and performance.

Disk Defragmenter

This feature allows you to increase data access speed by consolidating fragmented files on your hard drive.

Software Updater

You can scan all the software installed on your computer, single out the outdated ones, and then automatically update them.


AVG TuneUp is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. This widespread compatibility is a big plus, as most device optimization tools are compatible with just one or two operating systems. You’ll hardly find one that works for both PC and mobile devices.

Interface and in use

AVG TuneUp has a pretty good and friendly interface, including downloading and installing. To download it, go to the official website and get the executable file (.exe), then run it. After installing, you’ll see that it’s easy to use and navigate through. From its central dashboard, you can access all the optimization features. 

Using AVG TuneUp is effortless and uncomplicated. The various functionalities are laid out clearly in the dashboard for you to pick from. If user-friendliness were our only concern, it’d score a complete rating of 5 stars.


AVG provides customer support through email, live chat, and telephone. You can contact the support team directly through phone or live chat for instant answers or use email and wait for a response. The telephone support options vary depending on your country, but they are generally reliable. 

AVG also has an online Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) page and a Knowledge Base you can consult to resolve common questions.

The competition

AVG TuneUp has many competitors, such as Ashampoo WinOptimizer for Windows and CCleaner for Windows and Mac. TuneUp is much more expensive than its competition, costing $60-$70. However, the current discount of $30-$35 brings it on par with Ashampoo and CCleaner but the price will go up to match its competitors after the first year. 

AVG TuneUp is notably available for Android, whereas most competitors are only compatible with PCs.

Final verdict

AVG TuneUp is a reliable, versatile software. Its most significant drawback is its relatively high pricing compared to competitors. We’d love to see a cheaper version if we had a say. 

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