CyberDefenderFREE 7.0 Build 1012

  • on November 26, 2022

Having an Internet connection makes it necessary to use security solutions that protect you against the threats that you can find on the Internet. But, can you imagine having a security center from which you will be able to control all the threats that can affect your computer’s integrity free of charge?

CyberDefenderFREE is your computer’s first defense line against the threats hosted on the Internet because it includes tools that intercept the threats from several fronts.

Tools included

  • earlySPY, that identifies and eliminates the spyware and adware applications, avoiding that your personal data is robbed.
  • earlyVIRUS, that offers updated protection against viruses.
  • earlySPAM, that blocks spam and protects against phishing.
  • earlySCAM, that alerts your of phishing and identity theft attacks.
  • earlyMONITOR, that gives you detailed information about the cookies stored on your PC.
  • safeSEARCH, it is a bar that allows you to browse the Internet securely.

Browse the Internet without worries, thanks to CyberDefenderFREE.

Requirements and additional information:

It is necessary to have an Internet connection to complete the installation.

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