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  • on June 5, 2021

Amongst the most popular security products, we have to point out those developed by Kaspersky. Antivirus, Internet Security, or Total Security 2017 provide the user of any PC, Mac, or Android with the protection necessary to face up to different problems that may arise when you browse the Internet or download files.

A free and basic antivirus

If you read the news, you’re probably aware of the different forms adopted by malware over the last few years. From classic viruses to frauds, data theft, ransomware… a wide range of dangers that we usually face up to during our online activity, mainly due to downloading infected files or accessing hazardous sites.

Your system and personal information at bay.

This security company has developed Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, a free solution that offers us the first line of defense against these dangers and that consumes a minimum amount of resources so we don’t even notice that it’s running in the background, ready to hastily act against any infection.

What are its main features?

Well, it’s not better than Kaspersky Internet Security. Mainly because the latter offers us much more complete protection (that’s basically why we can’t download the full version for free). However, it offers us all the basic features that we can make use of to establish the measures necessary to avoid a huge disaster on our computer:

  • Automatically block malicious files, websites, and applications.
  • Special protection for your personal information when you open emails or access web pages.
  • Real-time detection in the background.
  • Low consumption of resources in order to not jeopardize your computer’s performance.

Regarding Internet Security, as we said before, this software lacks certain features such as being able to connect our PC with other devices such as mobiles (smartphones and tablets) or Mac computers in order to protect our privacy, banking data, or the activity of the youngest members of the household due to parental control functions.

This antivirus is prepared to work at full throttle on Windows 10, although it also runs perfectly on old computers. Not for nothing, it can be installed on computers equipped with Windows XP or Vista, only requiring 1 GB of RAM memory and a 1 GHz processor.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Fixes a vulnerability that could be used to acquire Windows permissions without authorization.
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