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  • on March 1, 2022

The large number of risks that any Windows computer is exposed to every day is really scary: viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, phishing, ransomware… they’re all waiting on any corner, lurking on webs of dubious reputation, in email attachments supposedly sent by a friend or in applications you downloaded and installed without even thinking.

How to fight malware on your computer

This antivirus works on several aspects to make sure that your computer isn’t affected by any kind of malicious software. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware comes along with the following features and functions that have helped it to arrive on other platforms like Mac and Android.

  • Removal of infections: it’s got one of the best detection engines capable of detecting and removing malware such as worms, trojans, spyware, rootkits, or bots, returning the operating system to its previous state.
  • Prevention of future infections: it comes along with real-time protection capable of detecting potential threats and establishing shields for what may come.
  • Blocks malicious websites: it has a system that blocks fake or unlawful webs that may jeopardize your PC in different manners.
  • Quick system scanning: forget about waiting for hours on end for your computer to be fully scanned; Malwarebytes has an ultrafast and silent scanning mode that allows you to carry out other actions while checking your files.
  • Hides itself from malware: it implements the technology that allows it to remain hidden from any malware capable of modifying and disabling our antivirus protection.

Three system scanning modes

Once you’ve downloaded this antivirus, you’ll have three ways of analyzing your computer: threat analysis, customized analysis and quick analysis.

  • Threat analysis: it’s the most thorough of the three and it analyzes all the elements where viruses and other malware usually hide: memory, registry, start… It’s the analysis you should carry out on a daily basis.
  • Customized analysis: here the user decides how this tool should analyze the different objects.
  • Quick analysis: it carries out a quick scan of the memory and starts searching for active threats.

A great alternative to NOD32, Kaspersky, AVG, Avira, Norton and other antiviruses.

The program also offers us a quarantine area where we can keep both suspicious files as well as URLs that might bring some sort of danger to our PC.

Malwarebytes Free or Premium?

Once you try out the different functions available in the trial version, you’ll realize that it’s worthwhile getting hold of the Pro version of this tool as it offers greater and more efficient protection, which can be almost a must nowadays in order to guarantee the integrity of our computer and the information we store on it.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Improved detection.
  • Performance improvements.
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